About Us

We are a modern, professional enterprise, with over 30years experience in the wood sector.

WOODCOM GLOBAL S.L. Is a company established in the 1990's. Originally specializing in manufacturing parts tailored for the furniture and decorative industry.

The Company is dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of wood panelling, and decorative elements for either public or private use.

One of the specialist aspects are the acoustic absorption uses, together with great experience in curved panelling.

The Company starts each project by providing different design possibilities, thereafter continuing with the manufacture and fitting of the product, in accordance with the precise needs of the customer.

The Company has an advanced design and technical department, which efficiently manages any project, ensuring complete satisfaction of all elements.

The products are designed to provide to comply with the specific and personalized needs of each project, and provide added value for each client.

The Company quality assurance department ensures compliance of materials in its' composition, measurements and base elements.

WOODCOM GLOBAL S.L., provides all the necessary certification required for fire resistance acoustic absorption for each project.

Recent projects